Tensioned Solutions

Tensoflex offers the possibility of running free of imagination. From the mechanical properties of the plastic screen, effects of all kinds can be achieved in the fields of Architecture and Lighting, Visual Communication and Acoustics. The different finishing alternatives that the material offers; It gives a special versatility where different solutions can be developed.

Interior Design and Lighting

Combining a very practical and clean installation, Tensoflex stretch ceilings replace traditional materials such as plaster, modular and popcorn ceilings. Featuring various colors in matte, lacquered and metalized finishings, Tensoflex stretch ceilings allow a wide range of three-dimensional shapes and full integration with lighting, air conditioning, sprinklers, and smoke detectors. Manufactured from sustainable raw materials, within strict industrial process, Tensoflex plastic films are certified by national and international fire laboratories, with a 10 year warranty.Tensoflex offers a wide range of solutions for lighting projects. From the simple closure of niches to the development of exclusive lighting fixtures using the best and most modern options in LEDs.

Visual Merchandising

Tensoflex features various products with state of the art elements like LED lighting, lighting controls and digital streaming audio, transforming retail and corporate imaging and product branding into a complete new level.Marketing and Advertising Jobs with Tensoflex printed stretch ceilings solutions offer a unique way to display corporate image and brand products.


The introduction of small holes, in specific diameters and spacing, shifts the sound absorption curve and increases absorption properties of Tensoflex stretch ceilings, representing na interesting option for sound correction in food courts, convention centers, airports and public buildings.

About Us

Tensoflex is a Lighting Company based out of Orlando, FL with architectural, lighting and interior design solutions, using tensioned screens better known as Stretch Ceilings. By inheriting more than 20 years of experience thanks to our parent company Tensoflex based out of Brazil, Tensoflex is able to develop stretch ceilings innovative projects with the most outstanding results, fulfilling architects, lighting designers and interior designers who seek an unparalleled differentiation WOW factor. Through constant research, engineering and manufacturing, Tensoflex offers the most up to date solutions involving LED lighting technology and special structures: Warm Dimming, RGB + White and Tunable White on any customizable design.

The evolution of our profiles and installation system provides a simple and easy way of removal and restoration of our stretch ceilings.

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